0xhaiku(“0xhaiku”, “we” or “us”) provides a collection of digital artworks (NFTs) on the Ethereum network. This platform is only an interface allowing participants to exchange digital collectibles. Users are entirely responsible for the safety and management of their own private Ethereum wallets and validating all transactions and contracts generated by this platform before approval. Furthermore, as smart contracts run on the Ethereum network, there is no ability to undo, reverse, or restore any transactions. This platform and its connected services are provided “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind. By using this platform you are accepting sole responsibility for any and all transactions involving digital collectibles.


Once you Own any NFT, you are responsible for any loss or damage to, or loss of access to, the NFT and neither Issuer nor any of its licensors shall have any liability in such circumstances, regardless of cause. You expressly understand and agree that your use of the platform and any NFTs is at your sole risk and that the platform and NFTs are provided “as is” and “as available.”


You acknowledge that NFTs carry the following risks among others. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for these risks.

Inherent Risks with Digital Assets

There are risks associated with using Internet-based digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrency, including, but not limited to, the risk of hardware, software and Internet connections, the risk of malicious software introduction, and the risk that third parties may obtain unauthorized access to information stored within your electronic wallet. You accept and acknowledge that we will not be responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions or delays you may experience when using the Ethereum blockchain network, however caused.

Value/Volatility/Not An Investment

The prices of NFTs can be extremely volatile and subjective, and NFTs have no inherent or intrinsic value. To the extent there is a price or market for a blockchain asset such as an NFT, (a) those prices and markets are extremely volatile, (b) variations in the price of other digital assets could materially and adversely affect the value of any digital assets you own, including NFTs, and (c) there is no guarantee that NFTs will have or retain any value. NFTs are not securities or financial instruments and are not offered for investment purposes. The commercial or market value of NFTs may materially diminish in value as a result of a variety of things, including negative publicity associated with Issuer. You accept and acknowledge that we will not be responsible for the risks of engaging in any transactions relating to your NFTs with third parties (e.g., transferring your NFT from a third party on any so-called “secondary market”).

Use of Blockchain

The platform does not store, send, or receive NFTs. This is because NFTs exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained on the platform’s supporting blockchain in the Ethereum blockchain network. Any transfer of NFTs occurs within the supporting blockchain in the Network, and not on the platform. We do not make any promises or guarantees about the availability of NFTs or that it will host your or any other NFTs at any specific location and/or for any specific period of time. Upgrades to the Ethereum blockchain, a hard fork or other change to the Ethereum blockchain, a failure or cessation of the Ethereum blockchain or its underlying cryptocurrency, or a change in how transactions are confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain may have unintended, adverse effects on all blockchains using those or similar technologies, including the NFTs. We do not make any promises or guarantees related to the Ethereum Foundation, the Ethereum blockchain, or any other third parties related to the NFTs or the platform (including any of their respective applications and/or services, as well as to the continued availability of or the protection or storage of any data you provide to those parties). You accept and acknowledge that we will not be responsible for any loss of access to your NFTs due to loss of your private key(s), custodial error or purchaser error, mining attacks, hacking, security weaknesses, fraud, counterfeiting, cyberattacks and other technological difficulties.

Regulatory Uncertainty

The regulatory regime governing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and tokens is uncertain, and new regulations or policies may materially adversely affect the development of the platform ecosystem, and therefore the potential utility or value of your NFTs. You accept and acknowledge that we will not be responsible for the risk of changes to the regulatory regime governing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and tokens and new regulations, unfavorable regulatory intervention in one or more jurisdictions or policies any of which may materially adversely affect the use and value of the NFTs.


You also acknowledge and agree that: (a) you have obtained sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding the NFTs; (b) you are solely responsible for determining the nature, potential value, suitability and appropriateness of these risks for yourself; (c) Issuer does not represent or warrant that any NFTs, or its supporting systems or technology, are reliable, current or error-free or otherwise meets your requirements, that defects in the NFTs, or their supporting systems or technology, will be corrected, or that the delivery mechanism for NFTs will be free of harmful components; and (d) Issuer shall not be responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors or delays you may experience related to the NFTs.


There is no warranty for the platform or any NFTs, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Except when otherwise stated in writing, issuer and/or other parties provide the platform and NFTs “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement.


Except as required by nonwaivable provisions of applicable law or agreed to in writing, issuer shall not be liable to you or any other party for damages, including any general, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the platform or any nfts or elements thereof (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties), even if you or other party have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


The present Terms may change from time to time, including but not limited to cases of changes in our App or Site and for any other case that we deem as appropriate to improve the user experience.



0xhaiku. artist. After working as a software developer, he started to examine the possibilities of art in Web3. His research themes are "open system art" and "relational art in Web3". He also explores conceptual and poetic expression. Several of his works were nominated by collectors' votes in the "Conceptual NFT" category of jpg.space (2023). His work was selected for The Lumen Prize Crypto Award Longlist (2023). In 2024, his work "Receipt" was acquired by Fingerprints DAO. Recent exhibitions include "Made in Contract" (Neort++, 2023) and "Bright Moments Venice" (2024).


Thank you for your interest in 0xhaiku. I do not have a donation address, but you can purchase my Receipt at any price, which will support the artist. A record of your action will also remain as an on-chain work.


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