Recycle Bin is a conceptual art using NFTs with the theme of regeneration. By sending your unwanted NFTs to Recycle Bin's address, they will be burned and you will get Recycle Bin's generative art NFTs instead. Generative art is generated based on the address and tokenId of the sent NFT. The pain of confronting the past and the prayer for rebirth are contained in this work.

Single Transfer Transaction


Warning message


NFTs sent to Recycle Bin will never be returned, so please only send NFTs that you do not need. The Recycle Bin does not keep the NFTs it receives, and sends them directly to the Burn Address. Recycle Bin will not be responsible for any NFTs sent.

Warning message


It will only accept general Ethereum ERC721 NFTs. Special NFTs and NFTs from other networks such as Polygon will not be accepted. Please check the gas cost before sending as you may get an error for unsupported NFTs and you will be quoted a huge gas cost.

Warning message


This is Open Edition. Please do not rush and use it only when you have a truly unnecessary NFT.

The Recycle Bin address is below. Please be sure to understand the precautions before sending your NFT.

Recycle Bin Address




“Sending NFTs to the Burn Address, even if they are unwanted, can be painful. Recycle Bin has a positive message of facing and reclaiming those memories and dreams you have given up on. I hope that your actions in the virtual space will help you heal in the real world. Recycle Bin is a counterpart to my other work, "Receipt," which shows that the viewer's transaction itself has value as art, and Recycle Bin, on the contrary, shows that the viewer is free to destroy the art. Recycle Bin shows that the viewer has more power than in conventional art, and represents a new form of art.”

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Open edition

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fully on-chain, No IPFS

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0xhaiku. artist. After working as a software developer, he started to examine the possibilities of art in Web3. His research themes are "open system art" and "relational art in Web3". He also explores conceptual and poetic expression. Several of his works were nominated by collectors' votes in the "Conceptual NFT" category of (2023). His work was selected for The Lumen Prize Crypto Award Longlist (2023). In 2024, his work "Receipt" was acquired by Fingerprints DAO. Recent exhibitions include "Made in Contract" (Neort++, 2023) and "Bright Moments Venice" (2024).


Thank you for your interest in 0xhaiku. I do not have a donation address, but you can purchase my Receipt at any price, which will support the artist. A record of your action will also remain as an on-chain work.


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