Generative poems for humanity

`human-readable` is fully on-chain generative poems. It generates haiku poems using seed phrases similar to those used in bitcoin wallets. The poem is drawn in the style of CAPTCHA, which identifies a robot or a human, to show that poetry can be born between technology and people.

Mnemonic poem

The poem is generated using words similar to the standard BIP39 used in bitcoin wallet seed phrases. The poem consists of 12 words and follows the 5-7-5 syllable haiku rule. All of this logic is implemented in solidity code on the blockchain. Do you find poetic meaning in technology and cryptocurrency?

human readable sample


Poems are distorted to be difficult to read, like CAPTCHA, a technology used to identify bots and humans. The color and style are dynamically determined by solidity codes on the blockchain. Today, it is possible to create bots that can read CAPTCHA, but only humans may be able to read the landscape of a poem.

human readable sample

You in Art

You can choose the poem and look of the piece you mint with the reload button. And typing is a way to feel the art. This work gives you time to be a part of the art, and every piece minted is created through someone else's experience.

human readable sample


Please do not use it as a seed phrase for the real wallet address. Seed phrases that are publicly available or created with specific rules are not secure. This art project is not intended to generate seed phrases for wallets. It is only to be used for viewing purposes, and no further liability is assumed.

“If you are a human being, you can lead technology poetically.”


🔎 Specs

Total number of tokens


Tokens withheld from public mint

100 for dev

File hosting

fully on-chain, No IPFS

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0xhaiku. artist. After working as a software developer, he started to examine the possibilities of art in Web3. His research themes are "open system art" and "relational art in Web3". He also explores conceptual and poetic expression. Several of his works were nominated by collectors' votes in the "Conceptual NFT" category of (2023). His work was selected for The Lumen Prize Crypto Award Longlist (2023). In 2024, his work "Receipt" was acquired by Fingerprints DAO. Recent exhibitions include "Made in Contract" (Neort++, 2023) and "Bright Moments Venice" (2024).


Thank you for your interest in 0xhaiku. I do not have a donation address, but you can purchase my Receipt at any price, which will support the artist. A record of your action will also remain as an on-chain work.


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